Welcome to ‘Your Own Voice,’ the podcast about gender, experience and perspective. I’m your host Aimee Breslow. This is a homemade podcast and is recorded at my kitchen table; it may contain sounds of life from my home and neighborhood in Washington DC.  


I created this podcast out of a desire to support the ongoing conversation about gender in the United States, which has taken off from the grassroots in the past two years. When I use the word gender I mean the range of social roles, personality traits, attitudes, behaviors, values and relative power that society assigns to females, males and other individuals.  Gender is an identity that is learned, which is different from biological sex assigned at birth.  How we define gender changes over time and can vary within and across cultures. 

Hearing people’s personal experiences and perspectives, especially those facing circumstances very different from my own, has changed my life in a profound way. It is my hope that this podcast will inspire you to have one-on-one conversations of your own, and will contribute to the change already underway.


About the Format: Each episode is devoted to one guest, who is asked the same initial questions regarding gender in their lives. The questions are just a jumping off point, and we let the conversation evolve from there. I hope you will join us on this adventure!

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